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Mytí oken a výloh

We are a reliable cleaning company from Pardubice, which provides professional cleaning services in the Pardubice and Hradec Králové regions, plus 7 days a week. We perfectly clean not only offices, commercial premises, apartment buildings, medical facilities, but also production and logistics centers. And we have so much more ready for you. We not only offer comprehensive cleaning services, but also provide maintenance and gardening work.
We specialize in both regular cleaning and general cleaning after painting, reconstruction or construction. Our priority is your 100% satisfaction, we will subordinate everything to that. Insurance with a cooperative insurance company of up to 20 million is a matter of course for us.



úklid kanceláří a firmeních prostor

Office cleaning
and corporate premises

úklid bytových a panelových domů

and prefabricated houses

postavební úklid

After-building general cleaning

Mytí oken a výloh

Washing windows and shop windows

Zahradnické práce

Garden work

Vyklízecí práce

Clearance work

údržbářské práce

Maintenance work

Why choose us?

Jsme profesionálové

We are professionals

The cleaning company is primarily about people and we are proud that our company consists of a skilled, experienced and trained team. After many years of experience, there is nothing to surprise us.  Long-term cooperation with a number of major companies confirms our high quality cleaning services.

Jsme pojištěni

We are insured

The operations in which our employees clean daily are equipped with technology and devices for millions of crowns. We could not sleep at night without reliable insurance, which always covers our backs. That is why we have extended extended liability insurance with an insurance amount of CZK 20 million.

Individuální přístup

Individual approach

Each of our clients is individual and requires their own care, which is why we approach each client in such a way as to respect the style, limitations and other specific characteristics of the company. 

Příznivé ceny

Reasonable prices

You will not find a classic price list with us, as we know that low price list amounts are not decisive for the final amount at all. We create tailor-made cleaning for each client so that the final price is satisfactory.


There is nothing easier than leaving us in touch or sending us a request for a non-binding price offer completely free of charge!

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In the past, cleaning in our company was taken care of primarily by temporary workers, which we provided for this activity ourselves. Constant problems with turnover and the quality of work of external employees have led us to contact specialized companies that will provide a complete turnkey service. In the end, we chose the company MV Cleaning Services, which had a very short history, but the approach and enthusiasm of the owners were so close to us that the choice fell on them. Since then, we no longer have to control the quality of cleaning, and if we happen to need to solve other problems associated with the maintenance of our premises, we know right away who we will call. At MV Cleaning Services, we have a partner who will not leave us in the lurch.

Ing. Karel Klodner

Executive Director Pears Health Cyber, sro